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Discover the Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Grease Trap

A grease trap is an essential component of any commercial kitchen’s plumbing system. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the trap is functioning correctly and preventing grease and oil from entering the sewer system.

Avoid clogged kitchen sinks and garden drains by installing an efficient grease trap from A & S Plumbing & Drainage. You can rely on us to clean the drains thoroughly and then install the grease interceptors


A&S Plumbing and Drainage serving Perth, Perthshire and Glasgow. Blocked drain repair specialists, offering complete drain unblocking, and grease traps for effective free flowing. Get in touch for a quote or query.

Grease trap installation from start to finish

The specialist team at A & S Plumbing & Drainage take care of all aspects of the installation including:

  • Drain inspection including CCTV surveys
  • Unblocking and repair work
  • Necessary plumbing work
  • Choosing the right oil trap model
  • Installation, compliant with official standards
  • Operation check and usage tips

Complete drain cleaning and filtration service

Prior to installing the latest range of oil traps and interceptors in your drainage system, we will inspect your drains, clean them, make the necessary repairs. Once the drains are thoroughly cleared, we install the traps. We also undertake bathroom maintenance work including unclogging toilets.

Based in Perth, we can serve domestic customers in surrounding areas including Glasgow and Edinburgh. Get in touch with us today.

About A & S Plumbing and Drainage

We have worked in plumbing and drainage for 23 years and have worked inside and out of homes – fitting kitchens/bathrooms, repairing leaking pipes, moss removal from roofs and driveways, fitting manholes, clearing blockages, CCTV surveys on drainage systems. We travel all over Scotland at no extra cost.

Specialised in unblocking drains and our plumbing work is carried out to water by-laws specifications.